Tammy Tuesdayz, formerly known as Tammy T was born in Canada to an African-American father and a Canadian mother. Growing up in the era of Blues, Jazz and Classic R&B, it has made music a Paramount component in her household. Tammy is passionate about her craft and religiously shares her sultry vocals with her supporters on Instagram. Every Tuesday you’ll be entertained by her one-minute IG videos where she covers some of the most popular songs in hip hop and r&b, hence the name Tammy Tuesdayz. When referring to her music, Tammy often says “I’ve been through a lot in my life… and my music reflects who I AM and what I’ve been through”. Her music is a testament of her life's struggles as it mixes Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B. The joy and pain felt in her past can be heard in her soulful spirit, powerful vocals and raw lyrics. If asked about her style, she will answer “I’m just the girl next door… with a lil’ je ne sais quoi”.

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